My name is Marina and I would like to introduce to you my boyfriend Benjamin Winderweedle.

He is an MM1 and Petty Officer in the US Navy serving for almost nearly 20 years. He currently resides in WA state but is going through a divorce and custody battle in IL with his ex wife. He has been a victim of the unjust laws of the state of Illinois when it comes to fathers rights. He has spent most his life serving this country just to get kicked in the ass by it. He is sitting in the north Chicago VA in Waukegan at the James Lovell Healthcare center at this very moment demanding to meet with senator Mark Kirk in person… Or any other congressman. He ended up there because he was pulled off a bridge about to attempt suicide for a second time. He believes his country which he has dutifully and proudly served has failed him and robbed him of everything. Id like to share his story with you. He refuses to eat until he gets seen by someone who will listen. He feels helpless.

He has given of himself and has sacrificed so much and has touched the lives of so many adoring people. Its about time something good happens to him. I beg you. His family begs you.. His military colleagues beg you.

Share his story and help make a difference together.

Child Support Suicides

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Child Support_Suicides Child_Support_Suicide


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